Essential Wedding Photography Checklist for a Wedding Photographer

One of the best things you can have to reminiscent the memorable and beautiful days of your wedding is the wedding photographs. These moments are the ones that can never come back to you again.The wedding photographer comes to rescue in this time of tension and huge confusion. The couples emphasize on making this checklist so that they do not miss on capturing these significant moments of their life.

One of the important steps is, preparing a wedding photography checklist

Many a times, people are not able to provide sufficient information and intricate details of a wedding ceremony to the photographer. Amidst the chaos, the photographer in most cases ends up in taking family photographs only and misses out on taking the intricate details of the events like photos of the couples in their best moods. The photographer seems to be at a loss.

So the best way to guide the Wedding photographer is to provide him a timeline of all the events and some tips. In this way you will be able to guide him in taking the photographs of the perfect moments without missing out on the special aspects.

It is also important that you choose a professional Wedding photographer who is talented and skillful in taking the best photos, so that you don’t have to compromise with the quality of the photographs.

To provide a note of details to the photographer

Most photographers do their best to capture the important parts of your wedding such as the emotions, the places, the ceremonies. But weddings are fast paced events with lot of activities taking place at the venue.The note of details provided to the photographer acts as a cue for him as to what the client’s desires are and how he should go about it in taking the best photos. It is extremely important that the one who is preparing the list of details should not miss out on any relevant point. The list should cater to the following details as given below:

Before the ceremony the events that should be captured can be enlisted such as the venue decoration, the bride dressing up for the ceremony, the groom preparing himself for the big day, leaving for the ceremony.

At the ceremony the significant moments are like the arrival of the guests at the venue the guests mingling with each other, the maid of honor entering, the flower girls arriving, the groom waiting at the altar, bride and the best man entering, the bride being given away by the best man, exchanging of vows, exchanging of rings and many more.

The wedding portraits are an essential part of the wedding photography where the photographer is supposed capture shots of the full length of the bride while she is getting decked up for the big day. The ceremonial customs can make her fatigued so it is best to take her photographs when she is all set to walk down the aisle with her best man. She may seem to be nervous but this is the time when she can be made to feel comfortable and distract her from all the anxiety; by getting her involved in taking her best shots. This is an important event in her life and the people who are important in her life make her feel loved, cared and comfortable. So the photographer must keep it in mind that he takes the wedding pictures of the bride along with her parents, friends, maid of honor, and best man.

Any kind of social marriages signifies the coming together of all the family members who have played such an important role in the lives of the couple. So the wedding photographs are incomplete without the perfect family photograph along with the newly wed. After the ceremony do capture shots of the bride and groom leaving the venue, the toss of the bridal garter, the celebration that takes place after the wedding, the reception, wedding cake cutting ceremony, the exchange of gifts, the raising of the toast, at the end the getaway car.

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Mailchimp Templates – With Just What Reason Do You Need to Come to a Decision..

The social media marketing revolution has brought in significant changes to internet marketing strategies. Today, the social media marketing as well as the mobile media play a crucial role in ad campaigns. Surprisingly, email marketing remains the best marketing plan that businesses cannot ignore. Today, there are different email marketing services available for businesses. It is not always easy to select the best one. Each product is good in its own way. Listed here is a comparison between Aweber, MailChimp and Constant Contact e-mail marketing services.


With 12,000 free emails each month, 2000 email subscriptions and unlimited free trial, Free Mailchimp Alternative offers powerful email marketing solutions for small companies. Concurrently, paid subscription starts at $10 monthly for 500 subscribers. You need to pay $5 each month when you add 100-200 subscribers. You are able to take advantage of the pay-as-you-go pricing model. NGOs get a 15% discount too. This tool offers numerous features like customizable email templates, intuitive interface, powerful editor and unlimited storage. Social networking integration and texting is nice. The reporting feature enables you to track and analyze the performance of your email campaigns. Deliverability rates are extremely high. You can include unsubscribers to your list. Integrating this technique with CRM, ERP and blogging platforms is easy and effective. Customer support is very good. The website has useful websites. At no cost accounts, you can utilize the email and chat support. Phone support can be obtained for paid accounts.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact comes in a slightly higher price. The program offers a 60-day free trial offer wherein it is possible to send unlimited emails however for 100 contacts. The paid version starts at $15 each month for 500 contacts and increases while you add contacts. You can avail 15% discount for prepaid accounts. Constant Contact offers more or less the identical innovative features like MailChimp. There are many versatile email templates. Storage is free of charge for 5 files but you can get unlimited free stock images. Reporting, social networking integration and mobile marketing is great. Customer support is excellent but works on week days. Email support is available on weekends. In addition, the web site offers helpful resources, forums, video tutorials to optimize your email marketing strategies. The deliverability rates are excellent. Constant Contact is strict on spam policies and you also cannot add unsubscribers back to your list.


Aweber starts at $1 for your first month and you have to pay $19 for 500 subscribers from your next month. The pricing increases when you increase the subscribers. Deliverability rates are pretty good. The website offers intuitive email templates and signup forms that are easy to customize. The great thing with Aweber is that it pulls 2 latest blogs out of your RSS feeds and pushes them out since the newsletter. You will find regular webinars to find out how to use the program. Customer service is fantastic. You can avail live phone support for 12 hours during business hours and 8 hours daily on weekends. Autoresponder service is good. You can easily integrate it btwqcf social networking and other platforms. You can include affiliate links in your emails.

The 3 e-mail marketing services stand pretty equal. In terms of pricing, MailChimp is economical. Moreover, it is possible to integrate it with different platforms. Customization of templates is easy. When using affiliate links in MailChimp mails, you need to ensure that the links do not lead to blacklisted sites. Constant Contact features a slight edge on deliverability and support. Features are essentially exactly the same.

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